Over the last couple of years we have been blessed to have many volunteers contribute to Small Ford Sunday but we need that to continue to make Small Ford Sunday a success again, our committee can only do so much and are already stretched on the day.

If you’re the kind of person with a sense of community and wish to see this event and the Small Ford Community grow then we need you!

You only need to dedicate 1 hour of your time on the day which is a small price to pay for making this a great show. All volunteers get to enter the show early your cars are used to establish the different areas, so your cars get prime position.

Volunteers will be placed into a roster and are required to help with entry, parking cars safely and judging. Any volunteers chosen for judging will be paired up with an experienced judge as a second set of eyes and opinion.

Please contact SFS Event Co-ordinator Dave Luff on 0477 556 655 or email sfs@rsocvic.com if you or your club can help us on the day, we’d really appreciate it.